GAP Analysis in Karelian Republic
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GAP Analysis in Karelian Republic
GAP Analysis in Karelian Republic
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GAP Analysis in Karelian Republic

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Материалы инвентаризации природных комплексов и природоохранная оценка территории «Чукозеро»
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2007. 137 с.
Inventory materials on the natural environment and natural conservation assessment of the "Chukozero" area. / F.N. Gromtsev. Petrozavodsk, 2007. 137 p.
The book reports the results of the inventory of natural complexes in the area adjoining Lake Chukozero. It is situated in the NE part of the Pudozh District, Republic of Karelia, Russia. The reason for the inventory was that preliminary data suggested the presence of a large pristine taiga fragment worthy of protection in the area.
The publication is made up of 5 sections. First, general physiographic parameters of the territory (climate, geological-geomorphological, hydrological and soil settings) are described and assessed. The next section describes and assesses terrestrial ecosystems (wetlands, forests and the landscape in general). The third section provides a description and assessment of the flora (vascular plants, mosses, fungi, lichens, algae) and fauna (game species, small mammals and birds). Finally, conclusions are made about the expediency of designating this area as a protected area.
Species checklists, as well as a thematic photo gallery of various nature objects (forest and wetland types, individual species of fungi, plants, etc.) are annexed.
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1. Geographical location, origin of the name and accessibility (Gromtsev A.N)7
2.1. Climate (Gromtsev A.N)9
2.4. Soil cover (Bakhmet O.N., Solodovnikov A.N)20
3.1. Mires and paludal lands (Kolomytsev V.A)26
3.3. Forests (Gromtsev A.N., Litinski P.Y., Presnukhin Y.V., Petrov N.V., Tuyunen A.V)32
3.4. Landscape characteristics of the natural complexes (Gromtsev A.N., Kolomytsev V.A)37
4.1. Vascular plants (Kravchenko A.V., Timofeeva V.V)41
4.3. Fungi (Predtechenskaya O.O , Ruokolainen A.V)51
4.4. Lichens (Fadeyeva M.A)59
Small mammalia (Medvedev N.V)76
4.7. Birds (Sazonov S.V)77
4.8. Insects (Polevoi A.V., Humala A.E)85
5. General assessment and recommendations (Gromtsev A.N)90

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